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In 2021, Scott Zimmerman and Dave Feldberg teamed up for a milestone in disc golf history: the formation of the world's premier disc golf academy ™ dedicated to helping players rapidly improve their skills and results.

Our mission is to deliver fun and impactful training for anyone who wants to score better--including future champions!

Coach Dave Feldberg playing disc golf

Dave Feldberg (PDGA #12626) is a co-founder of WCSDG. He has won several world championships in disc golf, including the 2008 MPO title, and numerous putting titles and MP40 world championships, including 2018, 2019, and 2021. He is the all-time PDGA leader with 17 national tour wins, twice PDGA player of the year, three times the PDGA points leader, and has over 100 professional wins. He competes actively and is rated over 1000. He also served as PDGA Board of Directors Vice President and Secretary. He is a true ambassador of the sport and is often cited by other players as someone whose coaching they valued highly.

Coach Scott Zimmerman playing disc golf

Scott Zimmerman (PDGA #168) is a co-founder of WCSDG. He has won 17 World and US Championships in flying disc sports, including the 1982 World Frisbee Golf Championship, numerous world overall championships, and even guts. At his first tournament, at the age of 15, he won the Virginia disc golf championship. He has set five world records in distance throwing and threw an Aerobie from Canada to the US over Niagara Falls. His highly-acclaimed book, "Chasing Disc Golf and the Overall Title", describes the beginning of the PDGA and the intense field work training program he developed to win numerous championships.

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